Our Sire

We place a lot of emphasis on our sire selection! Structural soundness is a key focus for the Palm Creek Herd. We face extreme weather conditions on our North Queensland Coast, which are contrary to most, though the wet weather can play havoc with our animals feet and lets. 


At the end of the day we are producers of BEEF! c

Karmoo Piston Its-A-Bull

Purchased at Karmoo Brahmans first on property sale 2020 for $20,000. He displays strong breed character, easy doing ability, sire outlook and out cross genetics, we are excited to see how he performs across our cow herd. 

Ncc el Capitan.jpg

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Purchased privately as a used sire in 2013. This bull is packed full of beef and has been a great influence over our herd over the last few years

Originally purchased by Rockley Brahmans for $26 000. We really admired the bull at RBWS 2014 for his type, length, skin and docile temperament. We are very happy with his first crop of poll/scurred weaners that we took off for 2019.

Purchased at Rockhampton Brahman Week in 2019 for $50,000 in conjunction with Lapunyah Brahmans and Badilla Brahmans. We believe this is the best Balanced bull that we have seen in a good while. He displays awesome breed character, bone, length, and a well balanced maturity pattern. Strong even colour, and is going to leave a big footprint on the industry. He is currently getting IVF'd to some industry leading red cows.

Influential genetics also used within our herd 

This NCC Sugarwood son was purchased by Palm Creek Brahmans in partnership with XMS Brahmans for $27,000 at the annual Rockhampton Brahman week sale in 2017. He is an impressive bull with plenty of bone and beef capacity. He has added some impressive calves into our herd.

One of the sons of JDH Mr Elmo Manso who has been a huge influence over the Australian Brahman herd. A purchase from the NCC Annual sale for the equal top price of  $60,000 along with Rosetta Grazing and XMS Brahmans. Vallance is true to type boasting an impressive EMA. We are very happy with his calves on the ground.

A $16,000 purchase from the NCC Annual Sale in partnership with Northern Brahmans, he is a full brother to the very impressive NCC El Toro, who's progeny topped Brahman Week for 2018. 

Elmo Redwood.jpg

Committed to continual genetic improvement