Minimum five (5) straw purchase. 

One (1) sire authorisation per straw


Additional registrations $100 each

Purchased privately from NCC as a used sire. We believe this is the best african cross bull in Australia. The type and absolute volume of this bull is awesome. Daughters have sold to $20,000 and sons to $25,000. Rumpole's daughters are a great asset themselves, with beautiful supple udders that they inherit from his maternal pedigree. At his prime this bull was a 1200 kg bull. When using this sire, you just have to be aware that some calves do run up into the hump. Otherwise great beef characteristics along with tidy underlines. 


Sire: NCC Zulu

Dam: Letoken Countin' on Cupid


NCC Rumpole

  • At this stage our bulls are not cleared for the Internation Markets. Though we are willing and able to organise our bulls to be quarintined and collected as per your courtries requirements. 

    Please contact us to begin the process if required.