Red, Balanced, Polled (PP)!

**** Semen Available Soon ****


Purchased at Rockhampton Brahman Week in 2019 for $50,000 in partnership with Lapunyah Brahmans and Badilla Brahmans. We believe this is the best Balanced bull that we have seen in a good while. He displays awesome breed character, bone, length, and a well balanced maturity pattern. Strong even colour, and is going to leave a big footprint on the industry. He is currently getting IVF'd to some industry leading red cows. We eagerly await his polled progeny. 

Elmo Redwood (PP)

  • At this stage our bulls are not cleared for the Internation Markets. Though we are willing and able to organise our bulls to be quarintined and collected as per your courtries requirements. 

    Please contact us to begin the process if required.