Our Genetic Selection Process

We place a high regard on the genetics that are used within our herd. In our first selection process we analyse overall functionality of the animal. How well do they walk, can they travel with ease? Feet and legs are a critical factor, especially in our tropical climate where we are prone to extended bouts of rainfall that puts a lot of pressure on their feet. It is a very testing climate and cattle can easily become sore footed if they are not put together correctly.

Balance! As with everything balance is the goal. This video link is the highly technical display of how an animal is deemed balanced. Though we do not carry around a tape measure, these are the principles that we abide by to the best of our ability.

Within our selection criteria we also place a lot of emphasis on our Cow Families. We look for generation on generation performance on our maternal side of the pedigree as we believe is a very stable, very blue chip way of investing in our herds future.

Our climate is a huge factor that influences our decisions. We are prone to a large variety of parasites which affects animal performance significantly. Mosquitoes and Sand Flies in the monsoonal season, Ticks, Lice and also Buffalo Fly. By selecting an animal that has a higher parasite resistance, where there skin does not mark up with bites, it helps as a control measure for fighting parasites.

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