Monitoring Sale Bulls Performance

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

We believe in keeping records of all our bulls so that we can determine their productivity and their aptitude to perform in the future. One of the ways we achieve this is by recording, weighing and taking scrotal circumference measurements every 6 weeks so we can gauge performance over their life time. This helps with determining what the strong feature of each bull is. Whether it be they are the best at converting their feed to kgs of beef, or their early maturity traits, etc.

Sale bulls are prepared at Annavale, Charters Towers, where they are fed a silage ration for 100 days pre sale. We believe in keeping our bulls performing with a high roughage gut so that when they are then taken off feed they can acclimatise quickly to their environment and do the job they have been purchased to do.

All bulls are sold with a reasonable guarantee on their performance and functionality once they leave our ownership.

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