Breeding In the Wet Tropics

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

We are located in Far North Queensland on the coast line in the beautiful wet tropics, 2 hours from both Cairns and Townsville. With our environment comes pristine scenery, lush tropical rain-forests and green foliage majority of the year. It really is a surreal place and we are both very grateful that we got to grow up and get to remain in this wonderful environment.

With choosing to remain here we have had to accept and face the extreme environment and many of the challenges that come with it, be it Flooding Rains, Tropical Cyclones etc. It is not an ideal climate for cattle to live and thrive in and puts a lot of pressure on their performance. As the years go on we continue to learn ways that help us increase the productivity of our herd and minimalism the impact of our climate on our herds condition.

We didn't select Brahmans, they selected themselves. The Bos Indicus genome is more suited as opposed to Bos Taurus type of bovine are adept with traits that allow them to acclimatise to Northern Australia, as well as the fact they are an extremely beautiful, particularly smart and a shrewd breed.

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