Rotational Grazing

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Look after your country and it will look after you. These are words that we strive to put into practice along with, match Carrying Capacity to Stocking Rate (CC:SR)

We strongly believe spelling your grasses to allow them not to be overgrazed nor undergrazed as they are both poor outcomes one being inviting weeds and non desirable plants into your pasture and the latter being poor utilisation of resources that could be turned into beef, then into dollars.

So it is a fine line in the wet tropics where we have high density stocking as low as 3-4 beasts per hectare in the growing season, weather permitting (we had 3.3m of rain from December to June in Ingham this wet season) and then 25ml for the rest of the year which moved us back to .5-1 beast per hectare, so we had to remove more than 60% of the herd to be able to have grass for the coming season otherwise we would be a blanket of weeds.

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