We would like to thank everyone who has purchased our bulls in the past and those that will purchase in the future. It is you who allow us to keep doing what we love. Breeding good quality cattle! We are very grateful for the support that we receive. 

We have paddock bulls available most of the year. If you have an interest in buying paddock bulls from us please contact us to discuss what we have available. Inspections are encouraged and always welcome. 

Our sale bulls are sold at the annual Gold City Bull Sale on the first Friday of November. Our offerings are displayed closer to the date. We hope to see you there!

Pete & Mariah 

Gold City Bull Sale 2019 

Friday, 1st November 2019, 9:00AM

Dalrymple Saleyards, Charters Towers

Lot 68

Sire: NCC Bohemian

SOLD - $8,000


Lot 135

Sire: Tarramba Steamtrain 1900 (P)

SOLD - $6,500  

Lot 137

Sire: Yoman 2305/3

SOLD - $8,000  

Lot 138

Sire: Maru Tyrone Manso

SOLD - $6,000  


No Image Available 


Lot 139

Palm Creek 178 (Herd Bull) 

Sire: NCC Mason 1630

SOLD - $7,500  

Lot 140

Palm Creek Evan 198 (Herd Bull) 

Sire: Tajiri 045

SOLD - $4,000  

No Image Available 

Lot 141

Sire: Yoman 2305/3

SOLD - $5,500  


Lot 142

Palm Creek Nelson 193 (Herd Bull) 

Sire: Yoman 2305/3

SOLD - $3,500  

Lot 143

Palm Creek Cupid (Herd Bull) 

Sire: NCC Rumpole

SOLD - $4,000  

No Image Available 

No Image Available 

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